How Are We Different?

BCDS Accountancy service was formed with a clear client focus. Before our formation, we conducted an in depth research into what the expectation of an excellent Accountancy service was. In doing so, we have built our service to meet these expectations. Within our research there were 8 most commonly repeated comments given by individuals and businesses. These are listed below, with an explanation and promise of how our services have been designed to avoid these.

My Returns were late again

We have a very strict recruitment process and have developed a highly determined, passionate and dedicated team of professionals. We understand the importance of doing things on time. One of the reasons BCDS Accountancy service was formed was to address the issue of the high number of late tax filings. Our team have been trained and are experienced in adhering to deadlines and our internal operations are highly advanced in ensuring this. We guarantee to submit on time and in any instance will pay for any late filing fees if the delay is due to our fault.

I have been with my Accountant for many years

Our Accountants are very much up to date with the latest rules and regulations. We understand that many people want to remain loyal to their Accountants, and have formed a relationship with them over a long period of time. However, what we are offering is a service which will allow you to review for instance, your current tax figure produced by your accountant, with that produced by ours. It is in our interest to ensure that you are making full use of the tax savings eligible to you and your business. We understand the loyalty, however, invite you to speak to us and see what we have to offer.

It’s too big of a hassle to move

This comment was one of the most frequent. It must be stressed that we are a professional service. Hence, we will take on the responsibility of liaising with your current accountant to retrieve the relevant information- It is our ultimate aim to ensure that there is no hassle in this process, but that you are benefitting with potentially a huge tax saving.

Fees were much larger than the original quote

BCDS Accountancy service are a non-profit organisation. It is not in our interest to have the greatest margins, rather, to provide high quality financial advice and services to help support our SME’S and self-employed individuals. Our pricing is very transparent and we will price match will any other service quote - contact us today for a quote and remember initial consultation is free of charge.  

I am paying too much tax every year

It is our aim to minimize tax payable. With our experience and knowledge in tax planning we promise to understand each of our clients and their businesses to ensure that we can give the highest possible tax saving. We too want to ensure that you are not paying too much, Make the first step and contact us today for advice.   

My Accountant is never there

Our clients are the reason for our formation. Our Accountants aim to develop strong relationships with each client individually. As part of our service, we will provide a direct line of contact to ensure that communication is enabled when required both during and outside office hours.

I fear sharing my personal information with a new Accountancy service  

We have a very strict Data Protection policy and are a registered company with the Information Commissioner's office
(ICO) - registration number 23607561. We promise to keep all our client information confidential. You will be in direct contact with your Accountant, so rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

My Accountant is Cheap

We are a non-profit organisation, we do not operate with the intention of high margins. We understand that there are Accountancy services which have extremely high charges for their services, hence it is attractive to go somewhere where there is a low charge. We are different in that we pride ourselves on the social values upon which we were formed. Hence, we would advise you to ensure that you are not getting a ‘cheap’ service for the ‘cheap’ price you are paying. There is a lot of savings which can benefit you from a good Accountant- our accountants are brilliant and our pricing is extremely competitive because profit is not our primary focus.

"Get a Social Return on your Accountancy Spend"

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